How Aromatherapy Can Promote Alertness and Wakefulness


  • Talia Broder Brentwood School, July 3rd, 2023


Aroma Therapy, Essential Oils, Peppermint, lavender, sleep, circadian rhythm, slumber, alertness, wake up process, scents, olfactory system, trigminal nerve, hippocampus, wakefulness


This study delves into the impact of aromatherapy on influencing both sleep and wakefulness via the use of essential oils including lavender and peppermint. Firstly, the study challenges the misconception that scents can't wake you up by showing strong evidence that our bodies naturally respond to smells, even when in a state of slumber. Further, through the expansion of a diverse array of studies, the research uncovers the ways in which aromatherapy exerts a strong influence on levels of drowsiness and alertness, alongside the numerous advantages that ensue. Ultimately, this study attests to the significance of essential oils and the influence they have on bodily processes that inherently transpire.


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