A Review on Housing Policies and their Reflections on Real Estate Values in the Case of Turkey


  • Pelin Yiğit Department of Engineerinng and Architecture, Tasyoncasi Sokak Agaoglu 1453 Maslak Sarıyer , Istanbul and 34481742, Turkey


Housing Finance, Housing Sector, Housing Policies, Housing Finance Model


In this study, the housing sector will be examined with a financial approach, based on the housing policies in Turkey and the housing policies implemented in the planned and unplanned period after the proclamation of the Republic. In this study, housing finance systems applied in the world were examined and then an attempt was made to develop a financing model suitable for Turkey. The applicability of the model in question to real life was examined with a feasibility project. In the study, based on the definition of the concept of housing, the cost factors affecting the sector and the size of the sector in fixed capital investments are mentioned.


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