Theoretical Review on Future Financing and Investment in Nigeria


  • Jane Uchechi Ukangwa Department Of Economics, Clifford University Owerrinta, Abia State, Nigeria


Finance, Investment, Securities, Environmental Issues, Function, Manufacturing, Cheques


Little is known about Future Financing and investments, as only a small number of surveys exist. This paper analyzed future finance and investments in our country of origin and covered current practices and motivations, obstacles to future finance and investment, addressing obstacles and other incentive mechanisms, and preferences for future finance and investment. Most countries strive to achieve high investment because of its literature acknowledged advantages as a tool of economic growth. Nigeria though faced by the problem of saving investment gap has one of its principal objectives under the new democratic dispensation as “the towards growth sustenance”.  The result clearly shown that investment financing has a positive and strong relationship with economic growth in Nigeria, from the findings some of the problems of investment financing in Nigeria that were identified are the issues of Inadequate macroeconomic framework and policy inconsistencies, Low level of domestic savings, and Low return on investment. Therefore, the research recommended that government should pursue strong macroeconomic policies, improve economic efficiency, and increase public investment towards human capital development and improve infrastructures in the country to enhance productivity and efficiency.


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